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Alleged Alex Murdaugh accomplice, Curtis Smith, lied about finances, violates house arrest 26 times, say prosecutors.

State Attorney General John O'Connor denied a request from 61 lawmakers to support death row inmate Richard Glossip's request for a new hearing.

Oklahoma Attorney General John O'Connor responded to a letter from more than 60 state lawmakers on Tuesday passing the request for a new hearing for Richard Glossip on to the courts.

A controversial top aide to District Attorney George Gascón wants a Los Angeles County Civil Service Commission hearing closed to the public and her testimony sealed because she fears for her safety, ...

In a letter to CJI NV Ramana, the Supreme Court Advocates on Record Association has sought hybrid hearing of cases on Raksha Bandhan.

A bond revocation hearing has been scheduled for Curtis Smith, the alleged accomplice of disgraced former Hampton County attorney Alex Murdaugh. South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson said that ...

Oklahoma legislators have signed a letter to the attorney general for a new hearing in the Richard Glossip case.

Nosuk Pak Kim — who practiced law in Virginia for 31 years — admitted to federal tax evasion charges related to her husband's business last month and consented to revocation of her law license.

The attorney representing Adam Soules, who’s accused of murdering Dr. Leroy Hommerding, just filed to have a competency exam for Soules. PREVIOUS COVERAGE: Man accused of killing library ...

Once-prominent and now-disbarred South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh is briefly leaving jail Wednesday for a bond hearing on murder charge s in the shootings of his wife and son 13 months ago.

THE Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) says provisions in the proposed Judicial Laws amendment Bill may hinder full access to justice as they infringe on fair trial.

Some lawyers are upset that the B.C. Supreme Court is returning to in-person hearings for short, routine bits of business before a judge. Clients get billed for travel and time spent waiting for a ... | Bitcoin | Bank

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