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Former US president Donald Trump has invoked his Fifth Amendment rights and declined to answer questions from the New York attorney-general at a scheduled deposition. "Under the advice of my counsel ...

A nationwide approach to coercive control and improving responses to sexual assault will be on the agenda when Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus meets with his state and territory counterparts on Friday.

As MPs prepare to once again trade barbs in Parliament this week, the Premier has deflected suggestions John Quigley’s best years may be behind him.

Children as young as 10 could be freed from prison if a petition of 200,0000 Australians is accepted by state and territory leaders.

The Criminal Bar Association and Law Institute of Victoria say some proposed changes to sexual offence laws will lead to unintended consequences, but advocates say current legislation leaves too much ...

The father of murdered Brisbane woman Hannah Clarke has welcomed the push by state and federal attorneys-general to create national principles on coercive control.

Former US president Donald Trump confirms he will testify in the New York Attorney-General's long-running investigation into opposite claims made about the financial position of his company.

Donald Trump will be grilled by New York prosecutors Wednesday as part of Attorney-General Letitia James’ investigation into the Trump Organization.

Australia’s most populous state has taken a major step toward banning Nazi symbols when the New South Wales Parliament’s lower house passed a bill that would criminalize their display ...

Up until recently, stealthing was rarely discussed publicly. In fact, the word 'stealthing' still comes up with a red squiggly line beneath it when typing it out on multiple digital writing ...

Judge David Lambourne was detained after a failed bid to deport him, which he called a ‘devastating assault on the rule of law’ in Kiribati ... | Bitcoin | Bank

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