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Bannon decided not to testify, attorney David Schoen told the judge, on the advice of counsel since the court had barred the legal team from asserting a number of defenses, including that Bannon ...

Washington — Former top Trump aide Steve Bannon will not testify in his own defense during his criminal contempt of Congress trial, his attorney David Schoen said in court on Thursday.

David Schoen, Steve Bannon's lawyer, told the court Thursday that the former Trump aide did not testify in his own defense because he was unable to use various reasons his attorneys tried to argue ...

As the Jan. 6 committee heads into a hearing hiatus, a jury set the former presidential adviser up for possible prison time Friday for snubbing one of the committee’s subpoenas.

The former Trump adviser will ask a judge to allow him to exhaust his appeals before any punishment takes effect, one of his lawyers said.

Bannon's lawyers are asking the judge to dismiss the contempt case after he was convicted, because Bannon was not allowed to call members of Congress as witnesses at his trial.

As the legal risks facing Donald Trump and his inner circle continue to expand, the former president and key allies have been playing round robin with a small pool of defense lawyers. Most Read from ...

WASHINGTON — Steve Bannon’s defense team rested their case in his contempt of Congress trial Thursday without presenting any witnesses or evidence on his behalf and without Bannon himself ... | Bitcoin | Bank

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