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Weeks after a Georgia woman fell from a police car while in police custody and later died, an autopsy commissioned by her family says her cause of death is consistent with severe blunt force trauma.

Federal charges were filed against four police officers for their role in a raid which led to the death of Breonna Taylor. And three white men were sentenced for federal hate crimes after they killed ...

A union representing Broward sheriff’s deputies filed a bar complaint against widely known civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump. According to the South Florida Sentinel, he’s been accused of making ...

The complaint claims Breonna Taylor got wrapped up in a case that was less about a drug house and more about speeding up the city's development.

This is a day when Black women saw equal justice in America," Benjamin Crump, the Taylor family's attorney said.

Attorney Ben Crump speaks at a news conference regarding the death of Brianna Grier on Friday, July 29, 2022, in Decatur, Georgia. Grier was a 28-year-old Georgia woman who died after she fell ...

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced federal charges against two current and two former Louisville Metro police officers in connection with the 2020 botched Raid that led to Breonna Taylor's ... | Bitcoin | Bank

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